Sustainability and Social Responsibility


Grupo Jefer understands that Sustainable Development must meet the needs of the everyday world without affecting it. Therefore, it cares about not depleting natural resources, preserving species and habitats, and using these resources rationally, so that they are maintained and improved for the next generations. 

For this reason, it adopts in all its processes policies to raise awareness of responsible use and reuse of resources (water, electricity, fuel, paper, etc.), collaborating directly and indirectly for the country’s economic growth by generating employment and income, in addition to cooperating with charities in the municipalities where its companies operate.


We apply the principles and guidelines laid down in standard SA 8000, and we do not get involved in or support Child Labor, Forced Labor, Discrimination, and Disciplinary Practice. We also comply with the applicable standards and determinations of the Collective Bargaining Convention regarding Health and Safety, Freedom of Association, the Right to Collective Bargaining, Working Hours, Compensation, and Management Systems.


The principles that guide the decisions and behaviors of the company are based on dignity, freedom, honesty, integrity, loyalty, and justice

Everyone must always act in defense of the company’s interests and maintain confidentiality about our business, operations, and relevant information.

Any behavior guided by prejudice related to race, skin color, origin, religion, political ideology, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, wealth and social status, physical and mental conditions, among others, will not be accepted in the hiring and promotion of employees, who must meet the technical requirements and the profile established for their position, maintaining a work environment that respects the dignity of all and enables professional growth free from any type of discrimination.